Pierra Makena Talks DJ Career, Retirement Plan, Advances from Politicians, Ideal Man

April 22, 2024

Apart from her role as a disc jockey, Pierra Makena boasts a rich acting history, having starred in popular local shows such as Tausi, Tahidi High, and Changes, among others.

With a Mass Communication background, she also explored radio broadcasting.

In a recent interview, Pierra reflected on her experiences working in a predominantly male-dominated industry, challenges stereotypes she has encountered throughout her career, retirement plans and more.

What was it like starting your DJ career as a woman in a male-dominated industry?

Trust me, it was not easy to establish myself as a female DJ. It was even harder for people to see me in clubs doing my job. Most of the time, people associate females in clubs with promiscuity. Trying to prove that DJ is a career was hard, but I am happy I succeeded in making it a career and a thriving one at that.

I am happy that there are upcoming women DJs who can peacefully do the job without being judged. My family was very supportive from the start and after I started building my brand, they supported me even more. They trusted me. 90 percent of Kenyans who know me support me but there is 10 per cent who just hate me. I will say this, if I can hate someone, then I don’t know why someone should not hate me. I don’t mind people who hate me. I have genuine people who support my career.

If you weren’t a DJ, what career path would you have chosen and why?

I would have been a paediatrician. I love children so much and if not, I would be driving an ambulance and saving lives. When I retire, that is what I will do. I will buy an ambulance, go for training and start saving people’s lives. I love children and if I had the chance, I would have given birth to many of them. But I need to maintain myself and have enough money to raise them.

The reason I put my child in the limelight is because she is part of me. I love my baby to be everywhere I am. She is talented and I do not see why I shouldn’t show that to the world. Raising my daughter is a testimony and is also my motivation to work hard. It gives me joy to raise her.

You recently turned 43, what advice would you offer to your 20-year-old self, and what are your plans?

First, embrace your sexuality and know that you cannot make money out of being female. If you ever think that you can get things easily for being female, you will never get anywhere but with your brains, you can go very far. Two, have God in your life no matter how young you think you are. Three, believe in yourself and work for yourself. Don’t expect to get a rich man who is going to take care of you, think about all those good things being done by you. Think about buying a car and acquiring all the good things in life from your hard work.

My plans are always dedicated to God but I want more success to come my way. However, if what I have planned doesn’t come to pass, it doesn’t mean I have failed.


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What course did you study in school?

I studied Mass Communication at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC). I was in the same class with Statehouse’s digital strategist Dennis Itumbi. I didn’t think I would end up being a DJ. That doesn’t mean I have dropped what I did in school because I still do film. Right now I am producing and I also have an advertising company. I do communication and public relations jobs. I like the fact that people know me as just a DJ but I am so many things.

Most of my fans are unaware of what I own or my behind-the-scenes work, and I prefer it that way. Studying communication has opened many doors for me, allowing me to travel to various places. I believe I chose the right career. While it might not be the most popular right now, it is certainly sustaining me.

What is your take on marriage, and would you date a public figure?

I am ready for a baby, I am just waiting for the right man. No pressure on that. My type of a man has to be God-fearing, good looking and very hardworking. I do not want to struggle and I also don’t want to see whatever I have built being misused. Let us build more. It doesn’t have to be a rich person, but someone who is hardworking and who will complement me. I get so many love advances on my DMs but I have not connected with any of them emotionally. I need to connect and I never want to make a mistake. Celebrities and even politicians hit on me all the time. I might fall in love with one of them but they need to be the right one.

If they are public figures and they are not married, I would date and marry them. I don’t judge people by what they do. However, I would never get married as a second wife.

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