Introducing Big Bamboo: A New Frontier in Online Slot Gaming on Weiss Bet

April 22, 2024

Experienced gamblers are hard to surprise, but manufacturers constantly try to attract their attention with new developments.

Big Bamboo casino was recently added to the extensive collection of slots. Still, online casino customers immediately drew attention to the exciting plot of the slot Big Bamboo demo. Still, they were especially attracted by the various bonus features that help not only to spend time pleasantly but also to win.

The Asian theme is currently underdeveloped, so each novelty arouses interest. Weiss Bet Casino, not for the first time, offers to the attention of gamblers an emulator, in which there are a lot of cute characters and a calm, peaceful atmosphere reigns.

Bamboo grove, flickering lights, falling leaves and the corresponding sound series relax and create a positive mood.

Big Bamboo slot and innovative solutions in it

At first glance, the slot is similar to other slot machines. In it, you can see several familiar essential characteristics:

  • return percentage (RTP) is 96.13%;
  • thematic focus – Japan, the animal world;
  • 5 reels and 50 winning lines;
  • there are bonus features;
  • can access to seven free spins;
  • the volatility of the slot is high;
  • bets are made in the range from 0.10 to 100 coins;
  • the maximum multiplier is 50000!

The high-value symbols include images of bamboo warthogs, monkeys, and birds. But not only on their multipliers count players. They also pay attention to all sorts of additional options.

Bonus features and characteristics 

Gamblers know that the actual game comes from the moment of activation of additional options, so the manufacturers this time are not stingy:

  • Bamboo acts as a scatter, the appearance of which can be expected anywhere on the playing field;
  • Golden bamboo indicates an instant prize and additional wins;
  • Instant Prize option has a multiplier of up to 5000;
  • the dropped multiplier symbol can increase the already involved coefficients 2-3-5-10 times;
  • two scatters herald the appearance of the Gamble Scatter, then either free spins will start, or a blank symbol will appear;
  • Gamble Scatter also provides four different opportunities to advance to free spins;
  • players also have the option to buy free spins!

This variety of bonus options makes the game really exciting and interesting. Most importantly, it increases players’ chances, bringing them closer to victory.

The site has a referral system. For invited friends, the user is paid additional bonuses. The game operates on the principle of a financial pyramid.

Theme and design

The Big Bamboo game will take you to a serene and happy bamboo forest. The reels’ backgrounds feature a large amount of bamboo, which is light green almost everywhere.

The background looks dreamy and majestic, and the drums are full of animals that live in this forest.

As it is supposed to be, the background music is calm and is complemented by animal sounds. Various sound effects are played when you win, which makes the process even more exciting. In short, the sound and design of this slot worked perfectly.

The essence of the game is simple. The player tries to play the role of a businessman engaged in the bamboo trade.

To begin with, he needs to hire workers, each paid a specific amount. You need to invest money in development to increase labor productivity and get rich. 100 extracted bamboo trees are valued at one gold coin. 

Game Symbols

The high-paying symbols are the panda, boar, monkey, and bird. For hitting five winning combinations, these symbols will earn you between 12x and 150x your stake. Low-paying symbols are suits of cards that pay 0.40x your stake for five winning combinations.

The wild symbol is the golden symbol and the Mysterious Bamboo symbol is the symbol with different types of bamboo. The Golden Bamboo symbol is the symbol of golden bamboo. The instant prize symbol is a gold coin, and the multiplier symbol indicates the multiplier’s value.

Finally, the collector symbol is a green and red colored symbol with the letter “C.”

The Scatter and Gamble Scatter symbols represent multicolored balls and look the same.

However, the Scatter symbol has the word “Bonus” written on it.

Big Bamboo is a refreshing addition to online slot gaming, captivating experienced gamblers with its blend of familiar mechanics and innovative features. Set in the tranquil ambiance of an Asian bamboo forest, the slot’s thematic focus and serene design create an immersive experience for players.

However, what truly sets Big Bamboo apart are its myriad bonus features, including instant prizes, multipliers, and diverse pathways to free spins, elevating excitement and enhancing winning potential. With its high volatility and a maximum multiplier of 50,000, this game offers thrill-seekers and strategic players ample opportunities for lucrative rewards.

In a landscape where novelty is prized, Big Bamboo stands out as a promising frontier in the ever-evolving world of online casino gaming.

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