Peter Salasya Meets Woman Who Held Sign Proposing Marriage to Him

April 4, 2024

Mumias East member of parliament (MP) Peter Salasya has met the woman who carried a placard asking him to marry her.

On Tuesday night, Salasya took Lavyn Shantell on a dinner date at a hotel in Kakamega, where they discussed her marriage proposal. Shantell insisted that she was ready to pursue a serious relationship with the MP and become his wife.

The woman remarked that they would make a splendid couple and assured Salasya of her unwavering commitment to the relationship.

“Finally, I have met my husband. I am very happy, At least I am feeling relieved. We had ugali and chicken for dinner. You said you wanted somebody who will stay at home, Yes I’m already home and can handle anything. I am ready to settle down,” Shantell said.

Salasya appreciated her efforts, adding that he would first seek the opinions of his online followers and the residents of his constituency before making a final decision on whether to marry her or not.

“Are you serious if you want to marry me? Members of the public will have to comment. Their opinions matter. It is good I have met and known you,” said Salasya.

Salasya’s meeting with Shantell came hours after he had claimed that he did not have what it takes to handle the well-endowed woman.

Nasikia hii iki trend ….hii machine ni kubwa sana sidhani kaa niko na nguvu ya kuendesha hii machine nitashindwa na kazi sitaki kudharauliwa kwa sasa😄 🤣 😂 😆 ,” Salasya wrote.

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