Kamene Goro Explains Waddling Gait Amid Pregnancy Rumours

April 2, 2024

For the umpteenth time, radio personality Kamene Goro has had to dismiss rumors suggesting that she is expecting a child.

The rumors resurfaced recently after Kamene’s 32nd birthday celebrations on March 24, when some netizens observed a difference in her walk, resembling the waddling gait commonly associated with pregnancy.

Taking to Insta stories, the former radio presenter voiced her frustration with the persistent rumors, labeling them as insensitive and unfounded.

“Over the past week, I’ve seen a lot of comments, and speculation about how I was walking on my birthday, and it always goes back to the same outdated pretty insensitive conclusion that I’m pregnant. Like, come on guys. I said I would never respond but I feel I should because those sentiments are so unfounded and ignorant,” Kamene wrote.

Knee Surgery

She explained that her waddling gait was a result of a knee surgery she underwent in January and emphasized that she is still on the path to recovery.

“Remember in January I had surgery on my knee that had me in the hospital for 5 days. I haven’t walked in the long, it’s actually in the run-up to my birthday that I started to try walking without my crutches. It’s a difficult process to try to restore activity and muscle strength to the knee, that’s why I’m walking or waddling funny. It’s been such a difficult recovery honestly,” she stated.

Kamene further urged people not to jump to conclusions based on ignorance but to seek the truth.

The former TV presenter underwent knee surgery on January 24, 2024, at the Karen Hospital to address a torn meniscus in her knee. The meniscus, a crucial C-shaped cartilage pad in the knee responsible for shock absorption, required repair.

In August 2023, Kamene Goro shared her plans to undergo a knee implant procedure, citing past complications. She disclosed experiencing three instances of meniscus tears but emphasized that her knee challenges were unrelated to her weight.

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