Christina Shusho Announces Upcoming Song, ‘Zakayo’; Kenyans Go Crazy

April 23, 2024

Kenyans simply cannot keep calm as they await the highly anticipated song titled “Zakayo” by gospel musician Christina Shusho.

In what is already turning out to be a genius musical endeavor, the Tanzanian songstress is gearing up to release a song centered around the Biblical chief tax collector of Jericho.

Shusho teased a snippet of the track on her social media platforms on Monday, writing; “Zakayo the Song coming soon.”

“Palikuwa na mtu mmoja jina lake Zakayo.Mkubwa kwa watoza ushuru naye ni tajiri. Alitafuta kumuona Yesu ni mtu wa namna gani..Asiweze kwa sababu ya umati wa watu,” Shusho sings.

Loosely translated: (There was a man named Zacchaeus. A chief tax collector and he was rich. He sought to see Jesus, who He was, but he couldn’t because of the crowd)

Given Christina Shusho’s popularity as one of Kenya’s most listened-to singers, social media quickly buzzed with excitement on a cold Monday morning.

On Twitter, in particular, Kenyans were amused that one of their favorite singers had composed a song from their legendary nickname for President William Ruto.

Let’s take a look at the madness that continues to unfold on Twitter(X).

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