Chiloba Explains Kes.800M Net Worth: “I Sell Avocadoes in Kitale”

April 12, 2024

On Thursday, April 11, former Communications Authority (CA) Director General (DG) Ezra Chiloba revealed that his net worth is Kes.800 million.

The former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO made the revelation during his vetting as Kenya’s Consular General in Los Angeles, California State, USA. Chiloba faced questioning from the National Assembly Committee on Defence, Intelligence, and Foreign Relations, which sought to understand how he amassed such wealth at the age of 46, having solely worked in the public sector.

“There are some doubts about you, from what you have presented it shows you have never worked in the private sector meaning you have been in the public sector all your life, yet you have an enormous Kes..800 million in wealth. Can you explain that?” Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan posed.

Chiloba explained that he started working while still studying at the University of Nairobi and had also earned a substantial income from his previous positions. He attributed his multi-million wealth to his fixed assets and involvement in agribusiness ventures. Additionally, he stated that he provides consultancy services and receives a salary from formal employment.

“I have been very fortunate, because I started working while still in school in 2001.  Currently, I engage in agri-business and I plant and sell avocados in my farm in Kitale. Over the years I have also been able to save money derived from formal employment and my consultancy business,” Chiloba said.

Chiloba also faced scrutiny over why controversies appeared to trail him in his past roles in public office. He struggled to justify his controversial resignations from both the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and the Communications Authority.

‘Scandalous Person’

The committee led by Belgut MP Nelson Koech voiced concern that, given his track record, Chiloba might precipitate another scandal in his new position and abruptly depart, potentially tarnishing Kenya’s reputation if approved by the National Assembly.

“From your CV you are restless. It shows you serve for a few years and at times even months then leave for another job. Can we really trust that you will stay should be appointed for this job?” Yusuf Hassan asked.

Baringo Central MP Joshua Kandie pointed out accusations against Chiloba for mishandling the 2017 General Election during his tenure at IEBC, and for purported mismanagement of staff mortgages while at CA.

“I’m afraid you seem to be a scandalous person. Will you not produce another scandal? in Los Angeles? The reports of what happened at IEBC and CA are all out there for everyone… I’m afraid this gentleman will go to LA and produce another scandal. I’ve worked in LA and there are many Kenyans who live there,” the lawmaker noted.

EACC Clearance

Chiloba stated that he had been absolved of any wrongdoing within these institutions, referencing a letter from the EACC that exonerated him from alleged mismanagement of funds at CA.

In the letter dated April 4, 2024, addressed to the Director General of CA, David Mugonyi, the commission stated that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations against Mr. Chiloba.

“My exit from the authority was due to a conflict of vision with some people. I decided to exit because I did not want things to escalate to where they were when I was at IEBC.

“The matter was investigated and EACC has given me a clean bill of health. The EACC noted that I was not given an opportunity to explain myself on the matter,” Chiloba said.

Regarding the controversies at IEBC, the Consular General nominee asserted that he implemented numerous positive reforms during his tenure, some of which were utilized in the 2022 elections. He lamented that the attention consistently gravitated towards the aspects that went wrong.

“Personally, I contributed to some reforms which were even used by the commission to manage the last elections. But we are always checking on what has gone wrong,” Chiloba said.

“A lot of people talk about me but they don’t know me. We cannot talk about integrity without justice.”

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