Kes.3.9m Eastleigh Robbery Suspects Found Dead in Mysterious Circumstances

April 12, 2024

Three suspects linked to the viral robbery and shooting of Adan Ali Mohamed along Muratina Street in Eastleigh on March 30 were last Sunday found dead at the city mortuary in Nairobi.

Reports indicate that the bodies were initially recovered at a river in Lari, Kiambu County where they were picked by the police and booked at the mortuary. The suspects have been identified as Fredrick Kopo alias Frik, Jaylan Kibe, and a woman only identified as Esther, who was said to be close to Kibe.

On Tuesday, Kibe was laid to rest at the Kariokor Muslim Cemetery in accordance with Muslim customs. Meanwhile, autopsies were planned for the other two bodies.

According to reports, Kopo sustained severe injuries, including a missing eye and a broken leg.

Detectives investigating the incident had placed him at the scene of the shooting, asserting that he was the one who pulled the trigger, causing serious injury to Adan’s neck and robbing him of Kes.3.9 Million.

Reportedly, four days following the Eastleigh robbery, Kopo, Kibe, and Esther traveled to Mombasa to purchase a vehicle. During their visit to a car dealership, three individuals approached them, persuading them of a better deal.

The Daily Nation reports that they purportedly trailed these individuals to a showroom in Mombasa, after which their whereabouts became unknown.

The circumstances surrounding their deaths in Nairobi County, as well as the collection of their bodies from three distinct locations, remain unclear.

The discovery of the bodies came after police had reported the arrest of one of the suspects on Wednesday last week, raising further suspicions about how their bodies were later found in a river in Kiambu.

On Wednesday, the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) condemned the deaths, asserting that if the police believed the individuals were implicated in the violent robbery, they should have been formally charged in court.

“It would have been important for them to be arrested and charged. The procedures that should be followed in such a case are very clear,” said Human Rights lawyer, Martin Mavenjina of the KHRC.

Kopo, Kibe and Esther are said to have been childhood friends.

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