Azziad Nasenya Fights Back Claims that ‘Nyash Pays Her Bills’

April 15, 2024

TikTok star Azziad Nasenya has expressed displeasure with social media users who link her success to male influence.

In a video she shared on social media, Nasenya voiced frustration with the widespread assumption that women’s accomplishments are credited to men.

The content creator fought back comments implying that her travels were funded by a male sponsor, asserting her own hard work and diverse roles.

“Why is it that when a young girl is successful, people have to associate it with men? Why is it like that people are so threatened and jealous of young girls who are making it? Iā€™m travelling and people are like, who is sponsoring the bills? Oooh Nyash Bae! Are you kidding me,ā€ she posed.

Addressing assumptions about women’s success, the media personality highlighted the double standards applied to men and women in similar situations.

“I’m a radio presenter, actress, content creator, and entrepreneur. I have my own company. It’s so sad that when guys travel, ooh they have worked hard, they have made it but when females travel somebody else has to be behind their success,ā€ she lamented.

Azziad urged people to recognize the efforts of Gen Z individuals and discouraged jealousy, stating, “Gen Z’s, we are go-getters. We work hard. We see an opportunity, we grab it, and why can’t everybody do it?”

She went on: “Alafu haka ka sentence ka Nyash pays her bills. Everybody got nyash, use your nyash if you feel like that is what pays my bills. Use your Nyash lets pay our bills together and stop being jealous.”

The social media personality also pointed out;

I have noticed that the moment you are on the same level with people, everybody loves you, but the moment you level up, they start having a problem. It’s just sad, and I think in this life, we block our own blessings by being jealous of others. Let’s just learn to clap for other people and stop the jealousy.”

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