Swipe Right for Situationships: Understanding the GenZ Dating World

March 23, 2024

We live in a world where GenZs actively surround themselves with technology.

This is to a stretch that their life revolves around it. And when it comes to dating, it is no different. With options like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and God knows what, the options are endless.

Comparing them with millennials, GenZs are more fluid towards the idea of love and relationships. They have completely ditched the traditional gestures and are more focused on the “go with the flow” vibe.

As a result, relationships are more on the casual side, and there’s hardly any commitment these days.

That said, GenZs are a bit more drawn to “outward appearances” than anything else.

Not to generalize this statement, but the majority of this dating generation is like– only pretty guys get the girls! And this is a major upset for a chunk of youth who still believe in real connections and honest relationships.

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Dating & The Internet

Let’s be honest, finding love online was a taboo not too long ago. Now, the tables have turned upside down.

The days of finding someone at a bar or an amusement park are gone. GenZs solely rely on dating apps to find potential matches.

Everything is decided at the first sight! With that comes a plethora of options. Every dating app user matches with multiple profiles, so there’s no particular attention on one.

This is where you will find a contrast in the current GenZ dating trends when compared to previous generations.

If we talk about millennials in particular, they were raised on rom-coms that ended in a marriage or a meaningful ending.

On the flip side, GenZs are exposed to weird sexual fantasies with the rise of live sex cam adult entertainment, and everything that revolves around it. This has set an unrealistic tone in GenZ’s minds where their expectations are through the roof regarding bonding with a partner. 

The Real Reason Behind GenZs Casual Approach To Dating!

Situationships are too common these days! It has to do with the GenZ code of being more laid back and figuring things out when it comes to dating.

Yes, there is no serious approach to love and relationships these days. The reason behind this is simple- love is not a priority for the GenZs. Life is fast now, and they are more focused on their careers.

According to stats, GenZs are more focused on financial stability as that is the need of the hour, build a successful career, and buy their own house before committing to a relationship or marriage.

This is understandable, as the competition is huge, and economic inflation has skyrocketed the living standards. 

As a result, they would prefer to hook up and go for casual dates rather than handle the unnecessary dramas of a relationship!

Now that doesn’t mean that they don’t want romance in their life or have sexual needs.

It’s just that GenZs tend to fulfill that in a casual way to satisfy their desires and stay away from commitments. 

The Bright Side Of GenZs Dating Era

On the brighter side of things, GenZs are taking a refreshing path of dating.

This is relatively healthier and more wholesome. Unlike the clichéd scenes of rowdy bar nights, this generation is turning the tables! Yes, they are choosing cafes, gyms, and scenic running trails as their dating choices.

It’s a shift that screams that GenZs are more conscious about their health and lifestyle choices.

Instead of getting intoxicated with a partner on a date, they are sipping coffee and healthy smoothies.

This way, the conversations are sober and there’s a clarity of thoughts that they bond over. And let’s not overlook gym dates! There’s more than sweating it out together than meets the eye.

It’s rather about cheering each other to get through those painful last reps, pushing barriers, and feeling good about yourselves. Moreover, seeing each other all sweaty and real? That’s some serious bonding potential right there.

Also, let’s talk about the most popular among GenZs: running dates. Imagine the sun sinking on the horizon, and then there are the two of them, sharing a breathtaking experience.

It’s about being together, feeling the rhythm of each other’s breaths, and making healthy memories.

Yes, it’s true that GenZs are a bit more casual when it comes to relationships.

But judging by the newest dating trends, it’s safe to say that indeed, they are rewriting the rules of dating and adding a fresh new spin to it! So cheers to the cafes, the gyms, and the sunset run – these are the excellent and healthy choices they make which is commendable!

Is Love Dead For The GenZs? The Final Verdict

Millennials and people from older generations think so, but what’s the reality? In my opinion, the answer is No! People say love is fading away from this generation, lost in a sea of dating apps and sudden flings. But wait, that’s far from the truth.

Sure, GenZs might do things in a way that is different from the previous generation. That doesn’t mean they have become emotionless robots. For starters, love is pretty much alive and kicking in the world of GenZs.

Take a closer look and you may see the little things they do are full of emotions: unique dates, a surprise visit, or just sharing a laugh over coffee.

End Note

As you can see, love doesn’t seem like it used to be in the past. However, this new definition of bonding and expressing love is not bad either.

Instead of getting bummed out over it, we should accept the truth that love is changing and adapting, just like we’re trying to. And who knows, in coming years, this could be the new normal.

So, I advise you to not buy into the idea that love is dead for the GenZs. They have just got a different way to express it, in their own special way- and it’s alright!

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