Revealed: Details of Naivas Estate Wealth Distribution

March 22, 2024

Naivas supermarket - the biggest supermarket in kenyaThe late billionaire Peter Mukuha Kago, founder of the Naivas supermarket chain, left behind a will that reveals his wishes for the distribution of his wealth.

Mr. Mukuha passed away on May 6, 2010, leaving a substantial estate that included significant shares in Naivas Limited, the company operating Naivas supermarkets.

His nine surviving children had been engaged in legal disputes over the estate since 2012.

On October 6, 2016, Simon Gashwe, one of Mukuha’s sons, was appointed the administrator of the estate. However, Gashwe passed away on August 26, 2019, leaving the administration of the estate in an unresolved state.

In his recent ruling, Justice Nyaga noted that the estate administration was granted to siblings David Kimani Mukuha and Grace Wambui Mukuha.

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Cash Distribution

According to the will, the cash held in the fixed account at Barclays Bank Ltd (now Absa) Naivasha branch will be equally distributed among the siblings: Teresia Njeri Mukuha, Grace Muthoni Mukuha, Ruth Wanjiru Mukuha, Newton Kagira Mukuha, Hannah Njeri Mukuha, Simon Gashwe Mukuha, Grace Wanjiru Mukuha, Linet Wairimu Mukuha, and David Kimani Mukuha.

Likewise, the balance at Kenya Commercial Bank, Naivasha branch, and cash at Post Office Savings Bank will also be divided equally among the nine siblings.

Meanwhile, Peter Mukuha Kago, Charles Mukuha Gashwe, Mercy Irene Waithera, Jane Wangui Kagira, and Mercy Waithera – will each receive Kes.500,000 from the Kenya Commercial Bank, Naivasha branch.


The shares held at Standard Chartered Limited will be sold, and the proceeds will be equally shared among the nine.

Additionally, the will specifies that 20 percent of the shares at Naivas Ltd will be allocated as follows: Simon Gashwe Mukuha (4 percent), David Kimani Mukuha (4 percent), Grace Wambui Mukuha (6 percent), and Linet Wairimu Mukuha (6 percent).


Linet Wairimu Mukuha will additionally receive Plot No. 1/125 Kihoto.

Daniel Mukuha Njau is entitled to Plot No. 42 in Naivasha, while Peter Mukuha Nyoro is allocated land at Kampi ya Moto/Menegai Block 1/89.

David Kimani Mukuha, Grace Wambui Mukuha, and Simon Gashwe Mukuha are designated to receive Plot No. 121 Lake View Naivasha, with House No. 1, House No. 2, and House No. 3, respectively.

Linet Wairimu Mukuha will also receive motor vehicle Reg KBD 162 F.

Notably, the late Naivas founder directed that his clothing be given to family members, except ties, which are to be donated to the church.

In his ruling last week, Justice Heston Nyaga granted Grace Wambui more time to seek consent from the remaining siblings and to agree on an additional person who would jointly administer the estate with her.

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