Sanaipei Tande Addresses Pregnancy Speculations and Explains Why Marriage Isn’t an Achievement

March 13, 2024

Sanaipei Tande openly shared her perspectives on marriage and children, while denying recent allegations of expecting a child.

During her appearance on the Lynn Ngugi show, the singer/actress revealed that she first learned of the rumor on social media, where it originated. She mentioned that such rumors no longer bother her.

“And so now rumors don’t affect me. Say it. You say what you want. As recently as last week when I was impregnated by Twitter. What is that?” she posed.

Adding: “Just a random chick decided to wake up and say Sanaipei is expecting. And then her body. That’s what she said. Everybody’s picked up on it and asking me ‘is it true, is it not?”

Sanaipei Tande reiterated that she will never be drawn into social media discussions about her personal life.

“I don’t know why after 20 years people have not learned that I will not share my personal information. So even as they ask me, you are talking to a rock. I am not going to respond. And it’s died off. I mean it was last week, now there is something else. You move on, as long as you know deep down in your heart that this is not your truth, it shouldn’t bother you,” she explained.

The ‘Mfalme wa Mapenzi’ hitmaker discouraged individuals from imposing unnecessary pressure on women to have children. She explained that people experience various struggles in life that ultimately influence their decisions on childbearing.

“What makes you think that you can pressure me into doing things that I’m not able to do at that time yet the people who are the most important to me have not given me that pressure? That person telling you, you haven’t given birth, they won’t help you when you get that child. The person insisting you get a child, they don’t know what you are struggling with. Maybe you are unable to give birth, or you don’t want children, maybe you have a genetic disease in your bloodline that you don’t want to pass onto your children,” she said.

Marriage is Not the End Goal

When discussing marriage, the Kalasha-award-winning actress expressed her disappointment in the contemporary notion of considering marriage as an achievement.

“It saddens me to see that there are people out there who still look at marriage as an achievement or still look at marriage as the end goal in life. Like you were put on this earth to get married, get children and with that, you are complete? I know I contradict myself because there is a song I said something like that, Mdaka Mdakiwa but lyrics are lyrics.

“Go at your pace, marriage is not for everyone, children are not for everyone. There are certain people I have met who say, ‘I can’t see myself as a mother, I don’t have it in me’. An example is you’d see a baby and feel they are so cute and literally want to eat them but some people are completely indifferent, they want the kid away from them,” she explained.


Sana also addressed comments about her age, emphasizing that no amount of pressure will compel her into something she is not prepared for.

“…it doesn’t bother me. Whether people say, hana mtu, amezeeka. There’s one comment that I read that said 52 looks good on you and I just laughed, yes it does look good on me. Another thing that people don’t understand is that aging is a blessing.

“There are people who died before they made it to their 20s, people who died before they got to see their goals achieved. There is a generation of individuals who feel that getting old is a curse, it’s unbelievable,” said the former radio presenter.

The 38-year-old acknowledged that during the early stages of her music career, people’s comments and opinions used to bother her.

“I used to care because I was younger and was very impressionable and affected. Then I grew and then I understood that there is black, white and grey. That there are crazy people in this world who would do anything to push a story.”

In conclusion, Sanaipei said she hopes that people will celebrate her for being true to herself instead of conforming to societal pressure.

“I want people to always know, I was me till the end, I was myself. The fame didn’t change me, the money didn’t change me. I have always been and will continue to be this person and I hope they can borrow from that. That being true to yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself,” she said.

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