Riggy G Seeks Wajackoyah’s Counsel on “Good” Marijuana: “I used to fear you”

March 28, 2024

It appears Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua alias Riggy G has warmed up to former presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah and his ideas on Marijuana.

Riggy G confessed that he initially harbored apprehension toward the law professor and his bold advocacy for the legalization of marijuana in Kenya.

During the burial ceremony of Priesthood Church Bishop JJ Gitahi’s mother, Dorcas Wangari Muhihu, in Nyandarua County, Gachagua revealed his intention to engage in discussions with Wajackoyah regarding marijuana.

“I am not a bad person Mr Wajackoyah. You are also not a bad man. I used to fear you when you advocated for the youth to smoke ‘that thing’ (weed). You know we have a problem with that thing here (Mt Kenya region). You however said it’s not that one. I’ll call you to explain further,” Gachagua said.

The Deputy President acknowledged his limited knowledge of cannabis and expressed willingness to learn from Prof. Wajackoyah.

“I would like you to tell me that good marijuana you are telling me so that I can be wiser. I’m not very intelligent since I am not very learned. I do not know a lot of things. You’ll teach me a little bit so that I understand further.”

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Riggy G Slaps Wajackoyah?

Prof Wajackoyah and Riggy G met for the first time during the Tuesday burial, with the former also confessing his initial apprehension towards the latter.

Prior to Gachagua’s remarks, the Roots Party founder had joked that he feared Riggy G would slap him when they met.

“My friendship with the Deputy President has begun today, this is the first I have shaken the hand of this man and I thought he would slap me,” he said.

Wajackoyah invited Riggy G for a cup of tea in Mumias, suggesting that politics should extend beyond their encounter.

“I’m extending an olive branch to you my brother that politics is extended outwards, but in Kenya we are ok. I’m inviting you to come to Mumias and have a cup of tea with the Wanga people.”

During the 2022 presidential campaigns, one of Wajackoyah’s pledges was the legalization of marijuana, asserting that it could potentially generate billions of shillings in revenue for Kenya while helping the country settle its debt.

Among his various promises, the commitment to decriminalize marijuana garnered significant attention and gained popularity among the youth.

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