Most of My Drinking Buddies are Either Dead or Zombies – Gachagua

March 22, 2024

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua recounted his past drinking days, acknowledging that his decision to quit the brown bottle set him on a path to becoming deputy president.

Addressing students of Murang’a University of Technology in Murang’a County, Riggy G implored the youth to shun alcoholism for the sake of their future.

He recalled spending his entire night drinking alcohol at a popular joint, which featured a one-man guitar performer, causing him to stay there until morning. The DP mentioned that he would imbibe a whole crate of beer.

“I used to drink a lot myself, a lot, a crate, a crate and a half of beer…I had some little money so I would stay there (in the bar) till morning, drink and drink and get wasted,” he narrated.

“Since I made the decision to quit drinking my path has been rosy and you can see where I stand today,” he said.

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Riggy G claimed that most of his drinking buddies had become wasted, had died, or could barely afford to put food on the table.

“Many of my drinking buddies, most of them are dead, others are zombies, others are ruined, they look for me to give them something to eat today,” Gachagua said on Wednesday during his inaugural public lecture on Youth, Leadership, and Development.

“Please our young people, I cry for you, President William Ruto cries for you. I have come to talk to you to ask you with tremendous respect and humility that your future is bright, please don’t ruin it.”

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