‘Light skinned with Brains…’ Director Trevor’s Ideal Partner After Split with Mungai Eve

March 27, 2024

In a recent interview, Digital Content creator Director Trevor(born Bonventure Monyancha Kebati) outlined the qualities he seeks in his ideal future partner, a month after announcing his breakup with YouTuber Mungai Eve.

Trevor expressed a preference for light-skinned beauties with “streamlined” figures. He also mentioned that in addition to physical attributes intelligence is also a priority for him.

“Lightskin kidogo, mrefu but hajanipita. Body iko streamlined; b**bs kidogo na pale nyuma pia, behind the scenes ikue fiti. Akili nayo lazima pia akuwe nayo,” Trevor described his ideal partner.

Loosely translated: (Kinda light-skinned, tall but not taller than me. Streamlined body; small b**bs and also nice behind, behind the scenes should be good. She must also have brains)

Trevor and Mungai Eve Break Up

Director Trevor, who had been romantically involved with Mungai Eve for nearly five years, confirmed their separation both personally and professionally on February 19, 2024.

Although they had broken up months earlier, they continued to work together professionally until February.

Trevor recently disclosed that they had even informed their parents of their break up.

Sisi hatujakosana jana vile wasee wengi wanadhani. Wazazi wanajua, tushai kua na meeting na mzazi wa Eve na tuka agree we are not in a relationship but bado tunawork pamoja na ikakua sawa na tukaagree and even tukaagree vile tutarun business,” he said.

Loosely translates to (We didn’t have a falling out recently as many people assume. Our parents know, we had a meeting with Eve’s parent and we agreed we are not in a relationship but we still work together and it had been okay…we also agreed on how we will run the business) Trevor said.

Assault Allegations

Regarding allegations of assaulting Mungai Eve, the content creator stated that the claims were false. He alleged that it was Eve who had shared the misinformation with Edgar Obare.

“No, I did not beat Eve. She went to Edgar Obare through her friend’s account just to make me look bad. It was a long story. She went there to defend herself since there were photos of me with a bandage. She hit me with a cooking stick (mwiko). Do you think if I had beaten her she would be quiet? She would have provided all the evidence,” Trevor explained on the Iko Nini Podcast.

But Eve refuted Trevor’s claims, saying: “That was self-defense, he was beating me badly, he is lying! I will only share my story when ready, kindly give me time.”

Trevor stated that the altercation stemmed from a disagreement over a charger, with Eve allegedly throwing his phone away.

“It was just a petty story. It was during those days we were not living together. I was living with my friends as well as Eve, and we would go to our house just to change clothes and all that,” he said.

Reasons For Split

While neither party has disclosed the exact reasons for their break up, Director Trevor did offer insight into their professional fallout.

Mungai Eve on her part cited various reasons for the romantic split, noting that it was inevitable.

“There were many issues, and it was time for it to end,” Eve said earlier this month.

One of the issues was the division of revenue generated from their joint brand, Mungai Eve, which included YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.

Trevor disclosed that they had a 50/50 business agreement, but Eve began to feel that she was the face of the brand and deserved a larger stake.

Hio [the decision to stop working together] haikucome from my side. Me and Eve we had a 50/50 agreement on the kind of business that we do but ilifika point Eve akafeel like she does not deserve 50 per cent yet she is the image and the whatever of the brand so she wanted more,” Trevor explained.

(The decision [to stop working together] didn’t come from my side. Eve and I had a 50/50 agreement on the type of business we do, but it reached a point where Eve felt like she did not deserve 50 percent, yet she is the face and the whatever of the brand, so she wanted more)

Instagram Revenue

He further elaborated that the brand’s Instagram account, which Eve Mungai controlled, generated more revenue for them in 2023, leading her to believe that she should be the one to decide what percentage she should be giving him.

The whole of 2023 most of the money that we made ilikua inacome through Instagram. Instagram we can say ni ya Eve. The reason nasema ni ya Eve ni because Instagram ni kitu intimate ata leo hii tukikosana mi siwezi chukua Instagram.

Yeah, so most of the money ilikua inacome through yeye that’s when alifeel ‘I control this amount of money that is coming my way so I should be the one to tell you how much I am willing to give you’,” Trevor said.

He added: “For me I felt alikua anasahau the fact that I take this as a brand. I don’t care about Instagram ama YouTube ama what, hii kitu yote is a brand that sisi wote tumebuild na there is a way tunafaa tuichukulie kama business kila mtu apate share yake vila inafaa.”

Eve’s Buy-Out Proposal

Trevor mentioned that Eve proposed to buy him out of the brand, which he found insulting since he was the brainchild of all the platforms they owned and had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve.

“Ilifika point sasa Eve wanted to buy me out of the brand…I wouldn’t even entertain her offer because I know she cannot afford it. How much would you be willing to pay me for a brand that pays me approximately 2 million a month?” Trevor posed.

He also questioned Eve’s understanding of the value of online media, recalling an incident where Eve’s friend suggested that he was replaceable.

“One thing sikuwa napenda pia ni mtu hajui value ya media anasema anataka kunibuy. If you know the value you would not even bring up such a question. How do you just find a new director? What about the person who has been building this brand? That’s why I say she lacks knowledge of what online media is and what this brand is,” Trevor fired.

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