Fake Lawyer Brian Mwenda Proposes to Actress Girlfriend

March 1, 2024

Brian Mwenda, the infamous fake lawyer accused of impersonating a High Court advocate, is off the market; Mwenda has proposed to his girlfriend, Miss Kenzie.

The lovebirds made their engagement public on their individual social media accounts, sharing endearing love notes to each other.

Alongside a photo of Kenzie displaying her engagement ring, Mwenda expressed his appreciation for the radio presenter’s support during his most challenging moments in a heartfelt message.

“Dear K, You are graceful, Elegant,Kind, Intelligent, Honourable Cultured and dignified. Your mind is beautiful,Your spirit is relentless and undoubtedly one to aspire to. Grateful for your existence. What a privilege to be respected and loved by you? A phenomenal woman,Profound! I would like to think of Myself as lucky but it has to be something beyond it. Thank you for walking with me during the most challenging days of my life without judgment. I hope I can be half the friend that you are. Thank you for the faith you’ve kept. I endeavour to support you in every way possible in all of your pursuits,” he wrote.

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His lenghty post continued; “I pray that this step doesn’t hinder any of your goals but instead propels you closer to living your purpose. More importantly, I strive for and actively work towards a healthier and more progressive relationship. May this bring you closer to God. Thank you for all that you are and all that you will ever evolve into. I love you, and I respect you paramountly. Your Fiancée, Brian Mwenda.”

Kenzie, a radio presenter at Radio Legion Africa and an actress with appearances in various local TV shows, equally gushed over Mwenda.

“Dear lord B, On the 26th of February 2024, this intelligent, elegant, charming, caring, authentic and loving man asked me to be his wife A man of impeccable taste, gentle, kind and caring man who would say no to that.The only person who has influenced my life greatly with his positive attitude about life and grabbing it by the horns, his intelligence and the love he shows me. He has definitely complimented my attitude on the outlook of life. He is an ideal leader and one of the most gifted man I have ever met. When it comes to me, I could not ever feel more love than the love i feel for him. He is not only my fiancé but my best friend. Brian has made my life a better one by always encouraging me, supporting me no matter what. He has stood by me when everything was falling apart,” she professed.

Kenzie added: My this new chapter in our life make us stronger, build us closer, strengthen our love and commitment towards our family. I appreciate you more than words can describe and I promise to Cherish, respect you and care for you today, tomorrow and the rest of my life. I love you ❤️ Regards, Your fiancée.”


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