Senator Tabitha Karanja Reports Receiving Threats Amid Dispute with Governor Kihika

March 1, 2024

Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja has claimed that she has received threats due to her stance on the closure of the War Memorial Hospital in the County.

Speaking at the Senate on Wednesday, Karanja alleged that the county leadership is actively working to undermine her role as the Senator of Nakuru County. She claimed that this has escalated to the point where she has been receiving threatening calls from strange numbers following her differences with Governor Kihika.

“I come from a county where I think everybody knows that intimidation, blackmailing and frustrations is the order of the day… I think everybody knows what the governor is doing to undermine my oversight role is beyond this world.

“I’ve even been called on private numbers, I’ve been threatened, you’ve never seen me enter here like a mlevi (drunkard) but I have been called mlevi and all sorts of names,” Karanja said.

She also claimed that hired thugs were responsible for the recent disruption of peaceful demonstrations in Nakuru by lawyers protesting the ongoing disobedience of court orders.

“You saw Chief Justice Martha Koome saying how the governor had disobeyed court orders,” said Tabitha.

Karanja urged the Senate Standing Committee on Justice, Legal Affairs, and Human Rights to write to the Nakuru county leadership. She further stated that the Council of Governors should caution the Nakuru county executive and other governors who allegedly defy court orders, emphasizing that such actions could jeopardize the essence of devolution.

“We need a legal committee to write a letter to the governor and warn her that if she continues in this manner, the senator will bring a vote of no confidence to this house,” the senator warned.

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