Bien Shares How MCSK Tried to Lure him with “Sh1500 Royalties”

March 1, 2024

Bien-Aime Baraza has disclosed that he declined an invitation from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) to collect his royalties due to the society’s practice of distributing peanuts to artistes.

During an interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, the Sauti Sol lead singer said the MCSK persistently urged him to collect his dues, but he rejected the invitation because they did not disclose the amount they would pay him upon request, which he suspected was a meager Kes.1500.

“The MCSK called me to pick up my cheque, but I told them that I know the amount of monies they distribute to artists, so I do not have the time to come and pick up Kes.1500,” Bien said.

“I asked the MCSK how much money they wanted me to collect to see whether it was worth my time, but they refused to disclose,” Bien added.

According to Bien, the MCSK intended to use him as a publicity stunt to demonstrate that artistes were receiving their dues, while the actual amount offered was not commensurate with what they deserved.

“Mnataka kucome mnigeuze token mseme wasanii walilipwa, na in essence, mnajua hio collection ni chump change,” Bien lamented.

The ‘Alusa Why are You Topless?’ hitmaker pointed out that the solution to the disbursement of royalties to artistes lies in effective leadership by individuals who understand the music industry.

“The MSCK should be run by technocrats. People who know the music industry and the administration. That is the only way it can work.”

Bien also highlighted unaccountability within the MCSK, contending that there should be established mechanisms to assess its achievements and shortcomings to guarantee its effectiveness.

Furthermore, Bien praised Hubert Nakitare, popularly known as Nonini, for being outspoken about Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), including the MCSK, for mishandling artistes’ funds.

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