Dorcas Rigathi Calls on Churches to Rescue and Rehabilitate Drug Addicts

March 21, 2024

During a meeting with 300 clergy at the Full Gospel Church of Kenya in Kitale, marking her first gathering in Trans Nzoia County, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, urged churches to actively engage in rehabilitating individuals affected by alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse.

The Spouse of the Deputy President provided an example of PEFA Church in Donholm, which opened its doors to individuals struggling with addiction. Through their efforts, 400 people have reportedly transformed their lives, becoming alcohol and drug-free while also receiving training in technical skills.

Led by Bishop Dr. Mophat Kilioba, the church was one of the pioneers in church community-based rehabilitation initiatives when Pastor Dorcas began advocating for faith-based organizations to open their places of worship to the vulnerable.

“If the 300 gathered here could rehabilitate 10 each, we shall have rehabilitated 3,000. The future church is in the gutter, drug dens and muguka shades. Let us fish them out from there,” pastor Dorcas said on Wednesday.

The foundation of the Office of the Spouse of the Deputy President (OSDP) is centered on ‘Chaplaincy, Outreach, and Family Values’, wherein she collaborates closely with clergy from various denominations including Christian, Muslim, and Hindu.

With Kenya boasting more than 10,000 churches, mosques, and temples, Pastor Dorcas firmly believes that if these faith-based organizations open their doors and extend outreach to those battling addiction and vulnerability, an entire generation could be saved.

Pastor Dorcas shared the vision of her office, focusing on ‘A Dignified Future for Vulnerable Populations’, which encompasses the boy child, widows, orphans, and people with disabilities (PWDs).

Throughout her three-day working stay in Trans Nzoia, she will conduct various programs targeting different groups across the county. These initiatives include a medical camp and meetings with widows and individuals with disabilities.

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