Police Boss Recommends Prohibition of Suspects Wearing Masks and Sunglasses in Court

February 27, 2024

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has proposed that suspects attending court hearings should not wear masks or sunglasses.

Koome spoke during the launch of the Drug Coast Region Conference on Illicit Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs Abuse in Mombasa County, emphasizing that individuals suspected of crimes must appear in court without any facial coverings.

“It has gotten to a point that we need to think about these face masks and sunglasses that we are allowing, suspects to wear in court, we need to see their faces in court,” said Koome.

Koome further emphasized the need for a change in the Judiciary’s approach to its operations. According to the Police boss, suspects should bear the shame of being brought to court for the alleged crimes they have committed.

The police boss highlighted the case of four police officers from Kirinyaga County who were brought to court on charges of selling exhibit alcohol, leading to the deaths of over 17 people in the county.

Koome criticized their decision to conceal their identities, emphasizing that the public should have witnessed their faces as a form of punishment for their alleged actions.

IG Koome at the same time pointed out that for the government to effectively combat drug abuse in society, authorities had to act with a certain ruthlessness.

At the event, Koome also highlighted that the National Police Service (NPS) had deployed a new regional commander in the county, tasked with intensifying efforts to curb drug and alcohol abuse.

Furthermore, he issued an ultimatum to police officers, instructing them to apprehend at least one drug baron in the county within the four-day duration of his duties in the coastal region.

Koome reiterated the Deputy President’s call to be fearless in pursuing individuals involved in illegal drug and alcohol abuse in the country.

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