Jalang’o Responds to Raila’s Call to Quit ODM for UDA: “I’m Man Enough”

February 8, 2024

Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o, has once again declared his commitment to ODM despite renewed calls from party leader Raila Odinga for rebel MPs collaborating with the government to resign and seek a fresh mandate on a UDA ticket.

During an ODM recruitment drive in Nairobi on Sunday, Raila asserted that Jalang’o and four other MPs have no justification for retaining their seats in Parliament under the ODM ticket if they persist in collaborating with the government.

Raila stated that he had personally contacted Lang’ata MP Jalang’o and his fellow MPs, urging them to seek new mandates under UDA tickets if they are man enough to do so.

“We have agreed that all those elected as MPs in our parties have a term of five years. If you want to leave ODM and join UDA, then leave Parliament and return to the people to be re-elected under UDA,” Raila said.

“In Nairobi, we have Lang’ata MP and you know the rest. We have told them that we are returning to the ground and if you get re-elected on UDA, that is fine but we must go back to the election.”

In response, Jalang’o expressed a willingness to heed to Raila’s clarion call about returning to the voters and seeking their re-election. He however said he would do that on an ODM ticket.

“I’m man enough, the question is even if I were to resign today, there is not IEBC. There’s no one to conduct elections,” he said on Obinna TV.

Obinna asked him: “But if there was, would you ?”

To which Jalas responded: “Why not? But I would still run under ODM, that’s my party.”

Not A Prodigal Son

The former comedian emphasized that he does not foresee leaving ODM for any other political group. He mentioned that despite his close ties with President Ruto and the ruling UDA, he remains a devoted ODM member and consistently fulfills the monthly fee obligation required of every elected party member.

“So, I’m in ODM, if they want me to go back to the elections, I will go back then they call nominations again then I beat all of them again under ODM,” Jalang’o said.

“Then I still become an ODM Member of Parliament in Lang’ata. I have never left, I’m just working for the people of Lang’ata.”

Jalango at the same time reiterated that he did not do anything wrong by collaborating with the government to seek development for his constituents.

“I’m not a prodigal son, Baba(Raila) is my father. Number one, Baba loves me so much. People are talking but they cannot even reach Baba. If I call Baba right now he will pick up because he knows this is my son,” Jalas noted.

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