‘I am so proud of being a single mother,’ says Jackie Matubia

February 2, 2024

Having experienced two unsuccessful relationships, actress Jackie Matubia has embraced her status as a single mother with pride.

In an interview with Pulse Kenya, Matubia discussed single motherhood and the significance of challenging societal stigmas related to single parenthood.

The popular Instagram influencer emphasized that her attention has shifted towards investing in her children, viewing them as her support system during challenging times.

“My focus right now is my babies and building an empire for them because kikikuramba hawatakutoka,” she said.

Matubia stressed that single motherhood should not be a source of shame, and encouraged other single mothers to embrace their status with dignity.

“I am so proud of being a single mother and you should also be proud to be a single mother. You should know the kind of peace that comes with being a single mother,” she shared.

The mother of two mentioned she is determined to instill in her daughters the significance of resilience and self-worth.

“I want to teach my girls it is fine if marriage is not working, that is not the end of the world,” she noted.

Matubia at the same time acknowledged the beauty of marriage and emphasized the importance of mutual respect and communication in any relationship. She urged women to reject settling for less than they truly deserve.

“Marriage is amazing, it’s a beautiful institution but again I say communication, respect, those are things you cannot play alone, it has to be a two-way traffic,” she noted.

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