“Come Shoot Me!” Akothee Dares Migori Politicians Following Attack by Goons at County Finance Office

February 8, 2024

Esther Akoth, alias Akothee has expressed grave concerns about her safety, asserting that her life is in danger in Migori County.

The celebrity musician and businesswoman narrated a distressing encounter that reportedly occurred at the Migori County Chief Finance Office.

“MY LIFE IS IN DANGER‼️ My life is in danger in Migori County I didn’t see this coming,” Akothee revealed on her socials yesterday

Akothee said she encountered a group of thugs who had strategically positioned themselves, anticipating her exit through the main door.

However, she outmaneuvered them by using an alternative exit.

“Well I am at the police station some goons attacked me this morning at the Migori County Chief Finance Office. They gathered in front of the door expecting me to come out through the same door. I was exited with the back door. They immediately realized I had gone out they ran to block me at the gate. The county reinforcement came laughed with them and left them there saying they will show me dust in Migori,” wrote Akothee.

She added: “We then drove directly to the police station. Recorded statements then escorted out of Migori.”

Akothee accompanied her post with a short clip taken from inside her vehicle showing a police van through the rear window.

The singer, known for her philanthropic efforts, said the scary ordeal forced her to cancel her ongoing campaign to admit Form One students to schools.

“Won’t make it to admit the Form Ones in schools today that was scary 🙏 It’s getting messy. Put in good English and scary.”

The outspoken Akothee went on to challenge her supposed killers to do it themselves instead of hiring goons. She also mentioned that investigations into the attack were ongoing and that she would update her fans in due time.

“Well if Migori politicians want to kill me don’t use goons to pass your information just shoot me, I have seen God’s revelations this morning will update you later. Investigations still on,” Akothee said.

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