Ciru Muriuki Seeks Financial Assistance for Charles Ouda’s Farewell

February 8, 2024

Ciru Muriuki, the fiancée of the recently deceased actor Charles Ouda, has reached out to Kenyans, seeking financial assistance to accord the prominent thespian a dignified farewell.

The family of the 38-year-old ‘Makutano Junction’ actor announced his untimely death on Sunday, February 4, 2024. The announcement plunged the local TV and film industry into mourning, though the circumstances surrounding his demise remain unclear.

Taking to her socials days later, Ciru shared a poster with a Paybill Number appealing to well-wishers for financial aid in planning Ouda’s funeral.

“In loving memory of Charles “Charli” Ouda. July 03, 1985 – February 03, 2024. Honouring the legacy! Join us in providing a dignified farewell for a cherished legend. Paybill: 8056315 (CHARLI’S SENDOFF) A/C Name: Your Name,” the poster reads.

Ouda and the former  BBC Africa presenter announced their engagement in September 2023.

Before his passing, Ouda starred in several TV shows and films, including ‘Makutano Junction,’ ‘The First Grader,’ and ‘Count it Out.’

In addition to his acting career, he was a writer, director, TV host, voice-over artist, and singer, embarking on his professional journey in 2002.

Charli was last seen publicly attending a party organized for the cast of Maisha Magic’s ‘Salem’.

While engaging with his friends and colleagues at the event, the actor urged them to embrace every moment in life, emphasizing that they had “survived.”

Some of us survived a year some of us survived two, some of us survived more, but as we survived, I would ask us to remember one thing – we survived, we are here. The inches we fought for, the loves we lived, the everything. I would ask that we love each other as we move forward. I ask that we understand that it is no longer their industry it is ours,” he said.

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