Ruto Accepts CJ Koome’s Call for Dialogue to Resolve Executive vs. Judiciary Impasse

January 17, 2024

President William Ruto on Tuesday declared his willingness to engage in discussions with Chief Justice Martha Koome to tackle the reported corruption within the judiciary.

This comes a day after Koome disclosed that the Judiciary had formally requested a meeting with the President to delve into the origins of his grievances against the arm.

The CJ confirmed that the President had not lodged any complaint with the JSC. However, she emphasized that the Judiciary is prepared to thoroughly examine the concerns the President has regarding the system.

“He might have received information because we have various machinery and agencies for collecting information and we would like to engage him so that he can give us that information,” Koome said.

“So we will be looking out for that dialogue, we have written and I believe that the President is going to give us an appointment.” 

CJ Koome mentioned that judges, being human, experience emotional distress when their names are publicly tarnished and condemned as corrupt, particularly when no evidence has been presented.

Ruto Accept’s CJ Koome’s Call for Dialogue

Responding during the commissioning of Tinderet Integrated Technical and Trainers College in Nandi County on Tuesday, Ruto said dialogue is crucial to purging the Judiciary of what he characterized as a small number of ‘corrupt’ individuals who, according to him, have been consistently hindering the country’s development.

“I agree with what CJ says about dialogue and we must have a conversation about corruption and we will not allow graft to impede our development,” Ruto said.

He added: “This is the year we will sort out corruption in Kenya. Let me tell you CJ, I am ready to hold a meeting between the leadership of the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature. I am ready for the conversation on how we will deal with corruption because it is sabotaging the progress and potential of Kenya.”

The President said the meeting would also involve the two Speakers of Parliament.

“I am going to lead from the front, the Chief Justice leading the judiciary, and the Speakers heading the legislature in that conversation so that we can deal with the corrupt who go to court to escape justice and stall government operations. They want to hold the system hostage by bribing the Judiciary through hiring expensive lawyers and derailing the progress,” Ruto said.

“I’m confident that we will have that conversation.” The President added.

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