Nurses Rejoice! Kenya Opens Pearson Virtual Enterprise Test Centre in Nairobi

January 17, 2024

Kenyan nurses can now attain international certification locally, eliminating the necessity to travel to India or South Africa for exams.

This follows the launch of the Pearson Virtual Enterprise Test Centre in Nairobi, the second in Africa for certifying and licensing nursing professionals, following South Africa.

Speaking at the center’s launch on Tuesday, Prime Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign & Diaspora Affairs Musalia Mudavadi emphasized that the center is the assessment provider responsible for administering the crucial National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) test for nursing licensure in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Mudavadi highlighted that the center will empower nurses graduating from both public and private training institutions to fulfill the criteria for securing international jobs and meeting the increasing demand for nursing skills worldwide.

“This development positions Kenyan nurses to contribute to the Diaspora, creating opportunities for increased remittances, Foreign Direct Investment, and fostering employment and enterprise development.” CS Mudavadi  noted.

The CS also mentioned that the center will enable the government to swiftly expand the licensing and certification of nurses.

“We will also work closely with the Ministry of Labour to expand opportunities for Kenyans working abroad,” Mudavadi said.

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On her part, Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha described the center as a game-changer for nurses, emphasizing that the fully-equipped facility substantially reduces exam costs by 50%.

She added that the Ministry of Health is actively collaborating with line ministries and various partners to create additional job opportunities for nurses, aligning with the Bottom-Up Transformation Agenda.

“The new NCLEX-RN Test Centre holds immense significance for Kenyan nurses, as it anticipates a reduction in examination costs by over 50%,” said CS Nakhumicha.

“Our nurses who train in KMTC come from very humble backgrounds so the cost of them having to travel to South Africa to do the exam was such a big limiting factor. Today that cost has been waived from them.”

At the same time, KMTC has formulated a comprehensive NCLEX Preparatory course curriculum, aiming to provide nurses with the essential skills needed to successfully pass the examination on their first attempt.

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