Kenyan Nurses: How To Apply for 2500 Jobs in Saudi Arabia.. Qualifications and Salaries

January 9, 2024

As part of President Ruto ‘globetrotting’, he has promised to connect Kenyans to skilled jobs abroad, as millions of educated young people grapple with the unemployment crisis in the country. The government has so far announced deals with several countries, which will allow Kenyans to work either physically in those countries, or remotely back here in Kenya.

One of the most publicized deals has been with Saudi Arabia.

Already, hundreds of thousands of Kenyans work in the Middle Eastern country, mostly in casual and unskilled roles. The latest arrangement will see Kenya export thousands of skilled labour to the Kingdom, starting with 2500 nurses.

On Tuesday, Statehouse Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed announced that the positions are now open for qualifying Kenyans to apply.

Here’s how to find out if you qualify.

Eligibility criteria for Kenyan nurses in Saudi Arabia

1. Be a Kenyan citizen

2. Gender: Female

3. Bachelor of Science Degree, or Diploma/Certificate in Nursing

4. Be a registered and licensed member of the Nursing Council of Kenya, and in good standing.

5. Be in possession of a valid Police Clearance Certificate.

6. Work experience:

  •   a) Nurse with Degree qualification:- Minimum of 2 years nursing continuous work.
  •   b) Nurse with Diploma qualification:- No experience (Fresh graduates required)
  •   c) Nurse with Certificate qualification:- Minimum One year continuous work experience

7. Language: English proficiency in writing and speaking

8. Medically fit

9. Hold a valid Kenyan passport

10. Age: 22 – 35 years

11. Prometric Test: Must have a valid Prometric results; if not, the same can be taken either in Kenya or KSA (Prometric test cost to be deducted from the employee’s salary in 3 installments)

12. Data Flow Verification: Dataflow verification report for the education certificate and Nursing Council License or latest employment certificate is mandatory.

Salaries for Kenyan Nurses Working in Saudi Arabia

a) Period of Contract – Two years renewable.

b) Salary:

  1. Minimum of 3,500 SAR/month for Degree Holder (Ksh 147,000)
  2. Minimum of 3,000 SAR/month for Diploma Holder (Ksh 126,000)
  3. Minimum of 2,200 SAR/month for Certificate Holder (Ksh 92,000)

(NB: There is no personal income tax in Saudi Arabia)

c) Work hours – 8 hours/day

d) Air ticket – Round trip air ticket

e) Overtime – In accordance with the Saudi Arabia Labour Laws

How to Apply for Saudi Arabia Nursing Jobs for Kenyans

If you’re an interested candidate, you can register and apply for consideration through the National Emplyment Authority (NEA) website.

Visit either of these links:  or

Here’s the statement that was released by State House.

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