‘Mzabibu’ Hitmaker Reveals Plan to Make Kenyans Stop “Funny Dance Moves”

January 26, 2024

The creator of the viral hit song ‘Mzabibu’ has spoken out about the ongoing dance craze that has swept across the internet.

Social media platforms, particularly TikTok, have been a beehive of activity since late last week with internet users hopping on the Mzabibu Challenge. It involves netizens showcasing comical dance shuffling, exaggerated gestures, and lively footwork synchronized with the tempo of the song.

While Kenyans continue to enjoy themselves, the song’s composer, Zablon K. Ndale, has expressed disapproval of the Mzabibu dance craze.

In an interview with Mo FM at his residence in Junda, Mombasa County, Ndale said the challenge has eroded the gospel appeal of the song.

Ndale described the original dance, recorded in 2014 with the Ajumbe ya Bwana choir from Kongowea Baptist in Mombasa, as modest and traditional.

He lamented that social media users are now executing the dance in various styles that might raise questions about the song’s message.

Ndale however expressed gratitude for the unexpected resurgence of the song 10 years later.

“It’s solely by the grace of God. I released the song in 2014. The inspiration for the song comes from the book of John 15. I retain all the rights to this song. The song has caused dance styles that I never imagined,” he said.

Ndale emphasized the seriousness of the song, revealing his strategy to release a music video to counter the social media craze.

“The styles make you wonder if this is a gospel song. They are doing it for fun, but, for me, it is a serious song even though it is still in audio. I will release a video of the song so that people can stop dancing those funny moves,” the singer said.

Ndale revealed that he took a hiatus from recording new songs following the decline of CD and cassette tape formats in the early 2000s.

He is now seeking assistance to record new songs, expressing his eagerness to make further contributions to the gospel industry.

“I attend events to perform my songs, but if anyone can support me in releasing more songs, I will be grateful,” he appealed.

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