MC Jessy Reacts to WaKimani’s Claims that Churchill Gifted Comedians Cars and Sh300,000

January 25, 2024

Former Churchill Raw host, MC Jessy, has laughed off claims that Churchill Show founder Daniel Ndambuki, also known as Churchill, gifted cars and Sh300,000 to his comedians.

Comedian Paul Ogutu alias Wakimani had claimed that Churchill previously presented cars and cash to appreciate his comedians.

But in an interview with SPM Buzz, MC Jessy, considered by many as Churchill’s right-hand man in his Laugh Industry company, wondered why he never received the gifts.

“Why didn’t he tell me he was buying comedians gari? Did you all agree with that statement? Churchill took out his money to buy people cars. I would have stopped him. Why would he buy men cars? Maybe he could just buy for baby girls in that show. Why should Churchill buy me a car? To do what?” he posed.

While debunking the claim, MC Jessy acknowledged that Churchill had created a platform that contributed to the success of many comedians.

“I didn’t get that statement, but we owe all our success to him for creating a platform for us. It will take another era for someone to do that, but I was the disciplinarian in the show, and I was his deputy. Opening up the platform was maybe what he meant by buying us cars.”

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