YY Refutes WaKimani’s Claims of Receiving Cars and Sh300,000 as Gifts from Churchill

January 5, 2024

Comedian YY has refuted claims that Churchill Show founder Daniel Ndambuki, also known as Churchill, gifted cars and Sh300,000 to his comedians.

Comedian Paul Ogutu alias Wakimani had claimed that Churchill previously presented cars and cash to appreciate his comedians.

In an interview with Plug TV, Wakimani revealed that Churchill convened a meeting with his comedians, during which he inquired about their desires.

Wakimani stated that during the meeting, Churchill expressed concern that some of them had been complaining about his lack of assistance.

“He asked us what we wanted him to do for us on that particular day. Some of us said they wanted cars, while others wanted him to support them in doing shows,” said the funnyman.

According to WaKimani, the comedians were grouped based on their preferences, with some wanting cars and others seeking financial support for shows. He said Churchill then allegedly gave each group of three individuals Sh300,000 to organize and perform shows outside Nairobi.

Comedians That Allegedly Received Churchill’s Gifts

For those aspiring to own cars, Wakimani claimed Churchill directed them to showrooms to choose their preferred vehicles.

Although he couldn’t recall specific individuals who received cars, Wakimani alleged that comedians such as Eddie Butita, Njoro, Jemutai, and Karis, among others, were part of the group that benefited from Churchill’s support.

We were put in groups of those who wanted cars and those who wanted money to do shows. He gave us, Sh300k each group of three to go and do the shows out of Nairobi.” WaKimani said.

Responding to these assertions, YY, also a performer on the Churchill Show, clarified, stating, “Let me clarify because a lot of people are asking why no one bought us cars. No one, Paul, you can’t make people look that ungrateful. Of whose interest is all these showroom stories?”

He added: “Comedians can’t talk coz they will look like they are fighting Churchill and everyone is too careful looking for a specific angle to respond to this story. The direct answer is nobody bought us cars. Sijui mahali Paulo ametoka an hii story?

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