Haiti Still Expecting Kenya Police Deployment Despite Court’s Intervention

January 30, 2024

Despite a Nairobi court ruling against Kenya’s plan to deploy police officers to support Haiti’s security forces, Haiti’s government has expressed hope for a “swift and positive outcome.”

The ruling on Friday cast uncertainty on the future of a UN-backed multinational force, a long-sought initiative by Haiti’s government, which has pleaded for international assistance in addressing its escalating security crisis.

Kenya’s government had announced its readiness to supply up to 1,000 personnel, a proposition that received approval from the United States and other nations that had declined to deploy their forces on the ground.

In a statement on Sunday, the government of Haiti said it is “following developments in Kenya and anticipates a swift and positive outcome.”

It added that it would “like to thank the many countries that have come forward to offer various types of aid to restore order and security as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, the Kenyan government has vowed to challenge the high court ruling.

President William Ruto has characterized Kenya’s involvement as a “mission for humanity,” aligning with its extensive history of contributing to peacekeeping missions abroad.

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