Atheists Propose Two-Year Marriage Contracts for Marital Bliss

January 17, 2024

The Atheists in Kenya Society(AIK) have recommended that Kenyans adopt renewable two-year marriage contracts instead of pursuing lifelong unions.

In their statement, the organization proposed that these two-year contracts should explicitly outline marital duties, encompassing responsibilities such as housekeeping, finances, childcare, and displays of affection for each party.

“Each partner will commit to that contract during the two years. At the end of the two years, the couple can choose to renew their agreement, adjust its terms, or dissolve their marriage,” AIK President, Harrison Mumia, said.

According to the organization, contractual marriages could mitigate the impact of shocks associated with divorce.

“Rather than staying in marriages ‘until death’, renewable marriages would allow partners to tweak their marital contract accordingly, or agree that it’s beyond tweaking and end it without the shock or drama of a contentious divorce or lingering doubts about what went wrong.”

AIK additionally asserted that prospective brides and grooms seeking a blissful marriage should articulate their goals and expectations within a renewable marriage contract.

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