President Ruto Should Implement One-child Policy, says Atheists Society

September 19, 2023

The Atheists in Kenya Society (AIK) has challenged President William Ruto to implement a one-child policy.

In a statement dated Monday, September 18, AIK President Harrison Mumia says implementing such a policy as a means of population control would yield both social and economic benefits for future generations.

“Implementing a one-child policy will also promote family planning, hold population growth under control and raise the life quality of the Kenyan population,” Mumia argues.

The society also mentions that a reduction in the population would result in decreased competition among citizens for jobs, ultimately leading to a reduction in unemployment rates.

AIK expresses concern about Kenya experiencing a youth bulge, where the age group below 35 years constitutes 75% of the country’s population.

“Youth unemployment in Kenya is currently as high as 35%. Studies also indicate that Kenya has one of the highest levels of children born out of wedlock in Africa,” Mumia writes.

According to AIK, many births in Kenya is one of the reasons why citizens are experiencing “economic hardships and cultural backwardness”.

“The population should be controlled to combat poverty in Kenya,” Mumia concludes.


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