Dorcas Rigathi Asks Kenyans to Remain Sober During the Festive Season

December 20, 2023

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has urged Kenyans to refrain from alcohol consumption this festive season to safeguard their loved ones from road accidents, physical harm, and premature deaths.

The spouse of the Deputy President and advocate for a sober nation free from alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse, underscored the importance of this sobriety as Kenyans enter the two weeks of festivities celebrating Christmas and New Year.

“I am sending you this message because I know very many people have been maimed, and others will not enjoy Christmas because a few days ago, they had an accident. And most of these accidents are caused by drunk driving. I pray that today, as I speak to you as a mother in this nation, my children, as you drive, drive sober, and ensure that your children and family are safe,” said Pastor Dorcas.

She also highlighted the crucial role of fathers as providers, protectors, and role models, guiding both society and families.

“Fathers, you will be carrying your families in those cars, and you must be careful the way you behave this Christmas. Let us not lose lives for nothing when we are able to be able to control ourselves,” she said.

“With the celebrations in the air, I want you to celebrate, and celebrate alive.”

‘Destinies can be destroyed by just drinking’

Highlighting her vigorous campaign for the boy child, which included visits to drug dens in Mombasa and the implementation of drug rehabilitation programs in Nyeri, Bomet, Kiambu, and Chuka, Pastor Dorcas expressed sympathy for the thousands who had jeopardized their destinies due to excessive indulgence in alcohol and other drugs.

“Destinies can be destroyed by just drinking. I have been with very many people in the drug dens of Mombasa, others in Chuka, Nyeri, Kiambu and Bomet, and all I ask during this festive season is that let us not be intoxicated by the alcohol, wines and spirits, and other substances,” she said.

Pastor Dorcas implored Kenyans to embrace the spirit of love and sharing with their families and the less fortunate during the festivities.

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