Brown Mauzo Reveals Vera Sidika’s Gesture that Touched his Heart

December 5, 2023

Musician Brown Mauzo, born Fredrick Mutinda, has publicly discussed his marriage to Instagram personality Vera Sidika.

During an interview with a local daily, Mauzo revealed that his relationship with Vera ended in June 2023, with the official announcement of the breakup made in August 2023.

When it comes to the specifics of who initiated and ended the relationship, Mauzo remained discreet.

“I prefer not to go into the details of how our love story began because I want to keep a positive perspective on her side. As long as we were doing well, that was all that mattered. At the time our relationship started, she was living in Mombasa,” he said as quoted by NTV Kenya.

Mauzo revealed that Vera decided to embrace Islam to align with his religious beliefs. He said Vera underwent a conversion and adopted the Muslim name Zara.

It is this gesture that won Mauzo’s heart.

“This gesture deeply touched my heart, and I realized the sincerity behind her intention in our relationship, although initially, I had reservations, suspecting it might be for publicity,” he added.

During that period, Mauzo mentioned that he was grappling with challenges in another relationship that was on the verge of divorce. Despite these complexities, he shared that he chose to enter into a relationship with Vera.

“The introduction of the religious aspect made me take our connection seriously.”

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