Uhuru Reacts to Ruto’s Government Blaming Failures on Him

November 20, 2023

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta faulted William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration, accusing it of consistently shifting blame to him whenever it failed to fulfill its responsibilities.

Speaking on Sundat at Mwingi Full Gospel Church, Uhuru urged against engaging in negative politics and censured the government for blaming him for the government’s failures and the struggling economy.

“I do not want to say much… not because I fear… I stopped fearing. We have been threatened, told a lot of things. Every time someone fails, they say, ‘Oh! The previous government,’” remarked Uhuru.

He humorously added, “Tomorrow when women fail to give birth, they will say, ‘you know Uhuru did it.’ I don’t know, but I am used to the blame and life continues.”

The Kenya Kwanza government has repeatedly attributed Kenya’s current economic challenges to Uhuru’s past administration, claiming that the high cost of living is a consequence of the former president’s shortcomings.

Ruto, his deputy Rigathi Gachagua, and multiple leaders allied with Kenya Kwanza have consistently claimed that the extensive borrowing and subsidies implemented during Uhuru’s presidency were major contributors to the country’s ongoing economic crisis.

Uhuru urged fellow leaders to prioritize the needs of Kenyan citizens over their interests. He also mentioned that he is still a member of the Opposition.

“I am not a conman. I always tell people I am an Azimio member and that is where I belong. My stand has not changed. You should be a politician with a stand who can always be trusted,” he said.

Uhuru added; “Let us not allow politics to divide us. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the nation and end poverty.

“For servant leadership, we are in the positions that we are in and God has given us those positions not for ourselves but to serve others.”

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