Kiambu MCAs Issue 21-day Ultimatum for Governor Wamatangi’s Impeachment

November 3, 2023

Members of the Kiambu County Assembly (MCAs) have issued a 21-day ultimatum to Governor Kimani Wamatangi, demanding the appointment of County Executive Committee officers, or else they will initiate impeachment proceedings.

The MCAs claim that their appeals to the Governor for the formation of a comprehensive Cabinet have been ignored. They are also pressing for the appointment of managers for the six municipalities, citing a potential annual loss of Ksh.1.3 billion in World Bank funding.

Furthermore, the MCAs are urging the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to launch a probe into the expenditure of billions in public funds under Governor Wamatangi’s administration.

They insist that they have sufficient grounds to proceed with the impeachment of Wamatangi should he fail to adhere to their stipulated demands.

“We rise to condemn the failure of Governor Wamatangi . Since he took office in 2022, the Governor has been operating county affairs as a personal kiosk with little respect as to the importance of the County Assembly as far as oversight, transparency, and accountability,” said Kikuyu ward MCA Kamau Boro.

Githiga Ward MCA Ruth Waithira added: “We have issued our ultimatum to the Governor that if he doesn’t shape up, we will proceed and file a notice motion of impeachment to the County Assembly of Kiambu.”

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