How Jackie Matubia Made First Million at 22

November 8, 2023

Jackie Matubia claims to have achieved millionaire status in her early twenties.

During a rapid-fire questions session with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, the 32-year-old actress revealed that she earned her first million through a lucrative advertisement deal.

The former Tahidi High actress mentioned that she started earning at a young age by securing employment right after high school.

“I did an advert at the age of 22 or 23. I started living alone immediately after high school. I started working immediately after high school,” she said.

Regarding material possessions, the actress mentioned that her most valuable asset is her German car.

“[I drive] a Mercedes Benz B-Class,” she disclosed.

Matubia further revealed that she has visited six countries in her lifetime, noting that she spent part of her childhood in the UK.

“Six. UK, Ethiopia, Dubai (U.A.E), of course, Kenya and Zimbabwe. My favourite is the UK because that’s where my dad is. I was there when I was a young kid then I came back.” Said the mother of two.

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