Singer Crystal Asige Drops Genre-bending Mixtape ‘Blinding Allure’

November 8, 2023

Singer-songwriter Crystal Asige released her highly anticipated six-track mixtape, ‘Blinding Allure,’ on Friday, November 3, 2023.

This musical journey, encapsulated in ‘Blinding Allure,’ reflects Asige’s boundless evolution and her daring exploration of diverse genres. The mixtape not only signifies a pronounced shift in sound for her local audience but also represents a notable foray into genres that can be embraced by her international fanbase.

The ODM Nominated Senator explained that her decision was strongly influenced by the desire to connect with a broader audience of young people, a demographic she engages with regularly in her capacity as a legislator representing them.

“Blinding Allure is more than just a mixtape. It’s a melodic journey that serves as an homage to Kenya’s diverse youth whom I have the pleasure of interacting with daily through my work as a Senator. When I lost control and everything around me started to disappear, my voice remained. Glaucoma has made me understand my ability to, and the importance of, standing alone.

“This mixtape is about recognising the power of self-worth, the limitless potential of us all once we decide to stop hiding who we are, and create our path in the world,” she said.

The former Sol Generation signee credits each of the six songs as a testament to her artistic evolution. The tracks comprise ‘Blinding Allure’, ‘Slow Burn’, ‘Love Is’, ‘Different’, ‘Young King’, and ‘Ego-system’.

The mixtape showcases a diverse array of genres, encompassing hip-hop, trap, R&B, and jazz music. This marks a departure from Asige’s previous specialization in genres such as chakacha, rhumba, and Coastal vibes.

‘Blinding Allure’ seamlessly blends vibrant pop sounds with themes centered around self-worth, overcoming challenges, love, and courage.

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