Fulfill Campaign Promises to Kenyans: Raila Challenges Ruto

November 7, 2023

Raila Odinga has piled on the pressure challenging President William Ruto to tackle the various challenges facing Kenyans.

The ODM party leader at the same time insisted that his party has no intentions of entering into any agreements with the ruling party. Odinga outlined conditions for the ongoing bipartisan talks, stating that his party will participate if the government demonstrates a commitment to addressing the high cost of living.

“We want President Ruto to deal with issues affecting Kenyans and fulfill promises he gave to Kenyans during the campaign. We are watching closely what the government is doing and we want to see what they promised to be addressed,” said Odinga.

The former Prime Minister lamented that instead of lowering the cost of essential commodities like maize flour, the situation has worsened. He pointed out the overarching issue of the high cost of living, encompassing various aspects such as electricity and fuel, which adds to the economic burden experienced by the Kenyan public.

“Instead of bringing cost of maize flour down, it is the opposite and we are experiencing a high cost of everything including electricity, fuel among others.”

Raila was speaking at Port Reitz Hospital in Mombasa during the distribution of drugs and pharmaceutical equipment.

He further criticized Ruto and senior government officials for misusing funds on international travel.

“We have seen President Ruto hopping from one country to another but we are not seeing any results of it. We want to see what the return in all the trips he has made,” said Odinga.

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