Court Hears How Kayole Tout Colluded with Accomplices to Rob Matatu Passenger

November 6, 2023
Joseph Maina Mwangi (right) with his accomplices

A conductor accused of conspiring with criminals to rob a passenger of her mobile phone in a matatu in Kayole, Nairobi has been charged with robbery with violence.

Joseph Maina Mwangi, employed by Forward Travelers Sacco in Mihang’o, is facing charges alongside two accomplices – Robert Maina Mustapha and Dennis Musyoki Kivindu.

The trio is charged with the alleged robbery of Jackline Wamuyu’s Sh10,500 mobile phone while armed with a knife on October 29.

They face an additional charge of conspiracy to commit an offense, wherein they are accused of conspiring to rob Ms. Wamuyu of her phone.

Wamuyu had entered the matatu at the Mihang’o stage, intending to travel to Eastleigh, as Mwangi informed her that the matatu was headed to the town center.

However, just five minutes into the journey, a male passenger who had already been in the vehicle before she boarded took a seat beside her and, brandishing a knife, demanded her mobile phone.

The complainant attempted to raise an alarm, but another man joined the attacker, and together they ordered her to comply. The men robbed Wamuyu of her phone as Mwangi looked on.

When Wamuyu requested the three to return her SIM card, Mwangi warned her, suggesting that she might face even graver consequences, such as rape.

Mwangi and his accomplices later compelled Wamuyu to exit the vehicle upon reaching Tushauriane.

Wamuyu narrated her ordeal to a bodaboda rider, who, in a compassionate gesture, provided her with Sh50 to facilitate her  journey.

The following day, Wamuyu reported the incident to Kayole Police Station, leading to the identification and subsequent arrest of Mwangi.

Following his arrest, Mwangi disclosed the identities of his accomplices, leading to their apprehension at Donholm Stage along Jogoo Road. Unfortunately, the mobile phone was not recovered.

The trio pleaded not guilty to the charges before Principal Magistrate Caroline Nyanguthii at the Makadara Law Courts. They have been remanded in custody until November 20, when the court will receive their social inquiry report, aiding in the determination of their bail conditions.

The case is scheduled for a hearing on May 9, 2024.

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