Citizen TV’s Stephen Letoo Writes to King Charles III on Behalf of Men’s Conference

November 1, 2023

Kenyan journalist Stephen Letoo, who proudly identifies as the chairman of the Men’s Conference Program, penned a letter to the British Embassy in Nairobi extending a warm welcome to King Charles III of Edinburgh and Queen Camilla during their visit to Kenya.

In his letter to the British Embassy, the Citizen TV news presenter also extended a special request to King Charles III, inviting him to participate in a meeting with members of the Men’s Conference.

“The men’s conference program is a gathering of men from all walks of life, who are committed to personal growth, leadership, climate change, poverty eradication, and community building.

“Our mission is to empower men to be better through a combination of exciting keynote speakers, engaging workshops, and networking opportunities,” Letoo wrote.

The prominent journalist requested bilateral talks with the King on behalf of members of the Men’s conference. He said the discussion would revolve around matters of mutual interest.

“We are officially requesting to have bilateral talks with his envoys King Charles as we hope to share our plans; awareness of mental health, women’s empowerment, drug abuse, and climate change.”

“We would like to discuss with the king about issues of mutual interest. We hope that the King’s schedule can accommodate our request. We appreciate your consideration and eagerly await a response from your office,” Letoo wrote.

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