Why Vivian Started Studying Psychology After Separating From Sam West

October 4, 2023

Musician Vivian Wambui has shared some insights into her new venture as a psychologist.

Speaking on Obinna TV, the ‘Chum Chum’ hitmaker said she started studying psychology after her painful break up with her ex-fiance and manager, Sam West.

She mentioned that she always had a passion for studying Psychology before she ventured into music.

“When I went through my separation I went through my journey of self-discovery. Before I started doing music I wanted to do Psychology but I never did,” she said.

Vivian said she suffered personal and financial loss after her divorce and that she needed to figure herself out.

“Being in the music industry and not knowing who I am and trying to discover myself, I realized I needed to sit down with myself,” she said.

Adding: “After the loss, everything crumbled. I wanted to discover myself.”

Vivian mentioned that she is still in school, “but I got my certification this year.”

She also recently launched her new book titled ‘Take Back My Power.’

 “It’s a book that teaches people to cope with everyday stress,” Vivian said.


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