Thousands of farmers across Laikipia and beyond flock to Rumuruti for revolutionary carbon farming project

October 24, 2023

A revolutionary agricultural idea which is quickly sweeping parts of Kenya and rejuvenating farmers and would-be farmers has taken over the country with what can only be described as mass hysteria capturing thousands of farming enthusiasts eager to not only farm but also rake big.

The idea, a brainchild of the GPC Organic Farming, is known as ‘Signerr’ and is aimed at introducing the first-ever carbon farming in Kenya while at the same time addressing not just poverty but also tribal and regional clashes caused by, among other things, lack of land to farm on and ways to generate an income.

Already, thousands of Kenyans drawn from the expansive Laikipia County have started flocking to a 18,000-plus acre of land in Rumuruti as the farming hysteria kicks off with many getting drawn from far and wide, some coming from as far as Lamuria, Mukogondo, Ngarua and Nyahururu.

Over the last several days already, the farm has seen an unprecedented influx of farmers – men, women, young and old – as they all heed to the ‘Signerr’ call, tagging along their friends and family members as more pour into the farms ready to till and plant.

Photos and videos seen by this publication show massive tracts of land stretching over tens of kilometers with people busy working around – either fencing, weeding, leveling and basically ploughing around.

As the first-ever carbon farming initiative in Kenya, ‘Signerr’ seeks to introduce regenerative agriculture and revitalise the Kenyan soil as farmers rotate different types of crops over time helping limit pest infestations and nourishing beneficial microbes in the soil.

To achieve that, Signerr has introduced the GPC Biochar fertilizer – the only such type in Kenya – which not only increases microbial activity in the soil but also works in any type of soil to get healthier results with less work.

The pandemonium has been so massive that the local authorities in Rumuruti have already moved in to ascertain the authenticity of the program, fearing that this was yet another ploy aimed at swindling Laikipia farmers.

“We have already spoken to the local authorities here who had called to enquire about this farming program. They were a little afraid since, over the last few years, alot of conmen and swindlers have taken advantage of Laikipia people in the farms. They, however, are satisfied with our program after confirming it’s legality. We are also aware that farmers in Rumuruti have been lied to massively in the past and wish to assure them that, at Signerr, all that trickery is gone! ” Abraham Wanjiru, Signerr Head of Operations, said.

According to Joe Kariuki, the ‘Signerr’ CEO, the program is in it’s early development and, within the next several days, there will be a never-been-seen before farming revolution which will not only shake up Laikipia but also settle the endemic tribal clashes once and for all.

“We’re not just here to teach farmers how to make money. We’re here to lift societies, we’re here to completely change the communities and we are here to solve issues that have bothered successive governments for decades. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people of Rumuruti and I am happy to be behind it all, ” Joe said.

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