Peter Salasya Bashes Diana Marua over ‘Mwalimu wa Maths’ Joke

October 12, 2023

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has come to the defense of Kenyan teachers amid an emerging trend on social media where users mock their former Mathematics teachers.

The ‘Mwalimu wa Maths’ trend gained popularity among Kenyans when a social media user criticized his former Maths teacher, alleging that the teacher had predicted his failure in life.

The phrase was swiftly embraced by Kenyans, who began sharing their own experiences with their math teachers.

Some netizens have been using the trend to show off their wealth and assets while sarcastically asking ‘Mwalimu wa maths, hapa ni wapi?'(“Maths teacher, where is this?”)

YouTuber Diana Marua recently jumped on the trend, showed off her car, and gave a tour of her mansion in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

Childhood trauma is real, there is a video I am doing today na naskia nimekasirika kabisa. One of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Mwalimu wa maths nataka uniskize na ikufikie kabisa. You see this car, this is one of many cars that I have bought. Mwalimu wa maths, this is my mansion, you treated me like a nobody in school,” Diana lectured.

Mwalimu wa maths you told me I will not go far. Hapa ni wapi, kuja nikuonyeshe,” she went on.

When asked for his opinion on Diana’s cringey video, Peter Salasya called on Kenyans to respect teachers saying they played a huge role in shaping their future.

“Teachers have played a huge role in everyone’s life, and that is why most of them have their families blessed. Any teacher,  just do research even if in their generation the children are not successful there is always one who will help the family,” Salasya said in a video.

“Let’s not insult Maths teachers; those people are blessed. Because they brought the best out of you,” he added.

Salasya said the likes of Diana Marua had taken the joke too far and that it was likely to demotivate teachers.

“Teachers should be respected. Respect that person, he is your foundation,” Salasya said, noting that he was once a mathematics teacher.


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