Immigration Department Makes Strides in Passport Issuance Initiative

October 5, 2023

Since the Ministry of Interior initiated a rapid results initiative to expedite the issuance of essential documents, over 20,000 passports have been collected.

22,353 passports have already been successfully collected, and an additional 15,354 are expected to be ready for collection at immigration offices by the end of this week.

On Monday, the Immigration office announced that unclaimed passports had decreased from 87,574 to 65,221.

The breakdown of distributed passports across different centers is as follows:

  • Nairobi: 9,331 passports
  • Mombasa: 3,754 passports
  • Nakuru: 1,528 passports
  • Embu: 2,426 passports
  • Eldoret: 2,297 passports
  • Kisumu: 1,763 passports
  • Kisii: 1,254 passports

The Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) program is expected to operate for at least 30 days, with the government pledging to enhance efficiency, decrease processing times, and enhance transparency in passport issuance.

Under the RRI initiative, the Immigration Department releases a weekly list of applicants whose passports are ready for collection every Wednesday.

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