Annitah Raey Sends Message to Haters Following Full Recovery from Bell’s Palsy

October 24, 2023

After months of grappling with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that temporarily paralyzed one side of her face, media personality Annitah Akiru Raey has fully recovered.

In an update on her socials on Monday, October 23, the former radio presenter attributed her recovery to God.

Fully recovered… Si tuseme Mungu sio Kamau.  Super grateful and will forever be grateful for this season,” she tweeted.

Annitah also expressed her gratitude to well-wishers who supported her, as well as online trolls who made fun of her when she went public about her condition in August of this year.

“Thank you for all the messages. Both love and hate some grew my heart others grew my Twitter numbers. All grew me anyway,” she quipped.

Annitah also shared a picture showing her recovered face after undergoing three months of facial therapy.

The popular social media personality first noticed symptoms in July 2023 and initially thought she had an infection.

“I fell ill, and initially attributed it to a viral infection. At first, I didn’t take it seriously, but my concerns grew after returning from Kilifi. I started experiencing fever, body weakness, and what seemed like a pimple on my lips, which I initially dismissed as a flu. I tried self-medication but eventually sought medical attention when the pain became unbearable,” she said.

Annitah says she went to a hospital where she was prescribed a cream that triggered adverse side effects.

“At the hospital, I was given a cream, which, unfortunately, triggered a reaction that resulted in numerous blisters resembling burn wounds. The excruciating pain led to a spike in my blood pressure, which ultimately caused Bell’s Palsy, which affected the nerves on the right side of my face. It’s worth noting that Bell’s Palsy can have various causes, and in my case, it was primarily due to the elevated blood pressure, which in turn placed pressure on my facial nerves,” she explained.

Annitah also opened up about the most challenging moments she faced during her battle with the neurological disorder that usually resolves on its own within six months.

“The day I posted a photo, I started receiving “Rest in peace” messages in my DMs. That’s when it hit me hard that I was truly unwell. I got so upset that I was unable to feed properly,” she said.

Adding: “I experienced a profound sense of disconnection from my own identity to the point where I shaved my hair. Initially, it was so hard to even face the camera. I wasn’t confident enough to even look at myself. I used to conceal my appearance with a cap, but gradually, I began to accept my new appearance. Some said I had cancer and I was bombarded with numerous theories.”

She also mentioned that the condition changed her relationship with God.

“This illness has forced me to view my relationship with God in a new light. It was a period of introspection, silence, and learning. I voluntarily took a hiatus from social media to avoid external influences. I chose to speak about my experience when I felt emotionally prepared to handle people’s reactions and comments.” Said Annitah.

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