Worldcoin Promised Us Sh7,000 But I Received Sh2,000: Kenyans Testify

September 6, 2023

Some Kenyans who underwent eye scans to register for Worldcoin have alleged that they did not receive the promised Sh7,000 for enrolling as users of the contentious cryptocurrency project.

During their testimony before the National Assembly Ad Hoc Committee of Inquiry into the Worldcoin controversy, the witnesses said they received only Sh2,000.

“They came to school and registered us. They used Iris scan to verify that you are a human being. Upon verifying that you are a human being, they would give you 25 World coins which is currently equivalent to 70 USD. They promised Sh.7,000 but I got only Sh.2,000 on M-Pesa,” said one Bernard Ochieng’.

The witness also the committee that following the eye scan, they began experiencing eye-related issues and had to seek medical attention.

“After the scan, my eyes started becoming watery. I have been on prescribed glasses ever since that time. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or it is the world coin scan,” he testified.

The scan was meant to ascertain that the over 350,000 Kenyan users were human.

The committee also heard that there was no formal written consent between the cryptocurrency firm and users regarding the scanning of their eyeballs and the collection of their private data.

The witnesses also mentioned that some of those who enrolled in Worldcoin are facing social stigma, particularly from their peers who did not undergo the scanning process.

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