Watch: Janet Mbugua Shares Inspirational Message on Sobriety and Life Choices

September 28, 2023

Janet Mbugua recently inspired her loyal fanbase while talking about life choices and her sobriety journey.

The revered media personality will mark two years in December since she stopped drinking. Janet explained that her choice to give up alcohol was entirely self-driven and not influenced by external factors.

Nevertheless, she refrained from setting a specific timeframe for her sobriety.

“It was something that I felt that it was the right decision for myself and it’s the kind of a thing that I could go back to in a year or ten years or never. I am not putting any pressure on myself,” she said.

Janet was speaking in a video whose subject theme was ‘ChooseYourHard’.

“But what is really interesting is even when you make a decision like that, it can be hard so you choose your hard. The life I have lived this far, I feel like I have made the decisions where I can compare what life was without that decision and with it,” she explained.

The former Citizen news presenter acknowledged that discipline isn’t something that comes naturally or effortlessly. This is why she opts not to burden herself with impractical expectations.

“Saying that I do not drink is not a flex, it is just a reality that I had to choose for myself. It is my hard and sacrifice towards a certain goal and towards a certain type of a person that you want to be,” she said.

Janet Mbugua observed that achieving sobriety is a gradual journey, not something that happens overnight. It involves continuous mental, spiritual, and emotional work every day.

“Sometimes we desire things that come effortlessly to us. To those who have chosen to quit drinking, please refrain from pressuring them to take a drink. You never know what they had to overcome to make that choice,” she said.

Watch the video below.


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