Gospel Singer Mercy Masika Voices Concerns About Pastors Posing in Revealing Attire

September 26, 2023

Award-winning gospel artist Mercy Masika recently voiced her apprehensions regarding the changing fashion landscape, particularly among young girls.

The singer said she firmly holds the belief that while fashion trends may shift, principles of modesty and decency should always remain unwavering.

Mercy noted that even pastors have lost the sense of modesty, which is against what she views as God’s timeless standards.

The UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador was speaking in a social media video featuring her two children, Ranise and Tevita.

“Conversations and good advise with my daughter @ranisekenya and my son @tevitamusic. Young girls, looks like fashion is changing but modesty is still modesty and decency is decency. God’s standards are up,” she captioned the video.

Mercy Masika disclosed that she had read scriptures to her children, emphasizing the significance of modesty and decency rooted in biblical principles.

The songbird pointed out witnessing pastors and role models posing in manners she deemed questionable and at odds with the modest standards she believed were aligned with biblical principles.

“I am even seeing pastors, people we respect, posing half-naked. I am like, ‘What happened?’ And older pastors never used to do that. Is it that there is no more decency, or has scripture changed?” she posed.

Masika attributed the change in dress code to what she characterized as a tactic employed by the devil to sabotage the younger generation, especially through revealing attire. She expressed her disappointment, particularly in church settings, when believers wear short dresses, finding it rather embarrassing.

“The word decency and modesty have not changed. The standards of the Bible have not changed. It is like people want to be Beyonce. Some pastors pose with those swimming costumes. Do you need to show the world your body? Is it necessary? Keep private things,” she stated.

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