Octopizzo Hits Back At Khaligraph Jones Over Interview Comments

August 18, 2023

Rappers Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones have seemingly reignited their longstanding on-and-off beef if their recent comments are anything to go by.

It all started when Khaligraph sat down for an interview with Oga Obinna on Monday, August 14. During the interview, the host probed Khaligraph about the authenticity of his supposed rivalry with Octopizzo.

Khaligraph claimed that Octopizzo has harbored negative sentiments towards him for the longest time.

“Hanipendagi uyu boyz hajai nipenda, nliona kwa interview akisema hapendi vile navaa but I understand him juu hata mimi ningekua yeye singependa Khaligraph,” the O.G said in jest.

Khaligraph at the same time acknowledged Octo’s trajectory, especially his rise from the demanding circumstances of Kibera slums.

Nonetheless, the O.G. declared himself the best rapper in the game. Khaligraph mentioned that while other rappers may shine in fields like fashion, he stands unmatched in the realm of rap.

“Tuongee tu ukweli, kurap hawanishindi labda kitu ingine, kuvaa nguo wanaeza kunishinda but kurap sema watu engine,” he said.

Khali’s comments prompted a response from Octopizzo, who warned his rival against talking about him in his interviews.

“Naskia bado kuna fala flani aja Acha kunitaja taja kwa Ma interview… Unachokitafta utakipata very soon. Kunja kunja mdomo hio side ingine nani. Acha nimalizane na waterfalls kwanza,” Octopizzo tweeted.

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